F.A.Q s

Fequently Asked Questions

If you have a Grosery/Departmental Store, Restaurant, Food-joints or Brand Store then StreetPOS is very suitable for your business. By using StreetPOS you will be able to manage your business with a lot easiness

No, You can only buy StreetPOS with minimum 3 months billing i.e. Quarterly.

StreetPOS is compatible with all major hardwares. You can use your Hardwares by just Plug-in into your System. (Your System Compatibilty with your hardwares is important)

Today, In this new era we have all kind of devices like Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, PCs etc. All the devices have different Operating Systems like WindowsOS, macOS (Apple), Linux OS, Android, iOS. All the devices have different screen size, different shapes. So, the software should work on all the platforms, Cloud Based POS makes it possible. Moreover, you cannot be at your business place all the time, so you can check your sales and other information anywhere-anytime with Cloud Based POS.

Yes, You can upgrade anytime. Just create a ticket in your StreetPOS Dashboard and we will get back to you with all the services and help.

Yes, You can request us to add/remove users by creating a ticket from your user dashboard. We will do that ASAP.